President Bush has been declared in sound health and advised to keep up the exercise regimen his physician says helps keep him fit.

Although Bush emerged from Bethesda Naval Medical Center on Wednesday with an adhesive bandage on a finger, he was pronounced in excellent health by his personal physician, Dr. Burton Lee, after his first full-scale medical checkup as chief executive. The bandage covered a cyst that was treated, and which Lee said is not a medical problem."President Bush is in extremely sound physical condition," Lee said in a statement issued by the White House. "He keeps fit through a number of physical activities, which we recommend he continue on a regular basis."

Lee led a team of physicians - including an ophthalmologist, a urologist, a dermatologist and two allergists - that conducted the three-hour examination.

The statement said a sebaceous cyst on Bush's middle right finger was drained. A sebaceous cyst is a benign growth on the skin that is often removed surgically.

Lee said Bush could remove the bandage after several hours.

Bush is an avid jogger, plays tennis, pitches horseshoes, occasionally swims and uses a stationary bicycle and indoor treadmill.

Bush takes medication because of a severe allergy to bee stings and to control hay fever. Wednesday's medical statement said "allergy tests showed excellent protective antibody levels."