The United Way Volunteer Center has bestowed the Volunteer of the Year award on eight Utah County citizens.

Those honored during the recent luncheon were Helen Davis, Joe Meyers, Ada Morgan, Maria Gehrig, Ray Schwartz, Gretchen DeHaan, John Buckley and Ron Clark.Davis, Payson, has helped Recreation for All Handicapped with its handicapped bowling program. She has a handicapped daughter in the program. She also serves her community by working a weekly shift as a pink lady at Mountain View Hospital in Payson for the past two years.

Meyers, Provo, is a big part of the volunteer program at Provo's Youth Detention Center. For the past 31/2 years, he has helped in the center's schoolroom, testing youths and recording information. He also helps every summer with the center's garden.

Morgan, Provo, has been a volunteer at the Women and Children in Crisis Center for the past three years. She works with battered women and their children and answers the hotline and does just about everything else, including the grocery shopping.

Gehrig, Provo, has a great love for children that is evident by the work she does as a volunteer at the Family Support Center. Her responsibilities include supervising, feeding, playing with and listening to the children at the center. It is not uncommon to find Maria rocking a crying toddler or reading to a small child.

Schwartz, Provo, serves as a foster grandparent at the Provo Youth Detention Center. Every day, he tutors the youths at the center in their schoolwork and has also begun work on the center's newsletter, editing the youths' letters and stories. According to the center's staff, "Grandpa Ray" is an irreplaceable part of the center.

DeHaan, Provo, helps teach reading, writing, basic math and self-help skills three mornings a week at the Oakridge School for the Handicapped. She has become a personal "grandma" to each student and loves each child no matter what his handicap.

Buckley and Clark, both of Provo, are involved with a new United Way program called Boardwalk, designed to train non-profit boards of directors and staffs in their responsibilities.

Buckley, a corporate lawyer in Salt Lake City, taught the Boardwalk session on legal issues. He discussed the many legal responsibilities of properly managing the financial and human resources of non-profit agencies.

Clark, a long-time veteran of the public relations field, taught the Boardwalk seminar on public and community relations. For many small non-profit agencies, public relations is difficult because of lack of specialized staff.