A high school student wounded during the slaying of a convenience store clerk identified a Utah teenager Wednesday as the gunman who shot him.

Derrick Franklin pointed to 18-year-old Edward Bennett and identified him as the person who shot him in the leg as he tried to flee the Stop 'n Go Market the night of Feb. 9."The red-haired defendant was the one who came after me," Franklin said, gesturing toward Bennett.

The testimony came as a preliminary hearing began for Bennett and 17-year-old Joseph Beeson in Nevada Justice Court. The two American Fork teenagers are charged with murder, attempted murder and attempted robbery in the wounding of Franklin and the slaying of Michelle Moore, 21, a newlywed former Utahn.

Franklin, 17, said he was in the store shortly after 10 p.m. when he heard a loud shot. He said he looked toward the sound and saw Bennett coming toward him.

"I said, `Please don't shoot me,' but I saw that didn't work. I ran up one aisle and down the other. They fired two shots at me. One hit the glass and the other hit me."

Franklin said he was part way out the door when he was shot and he continued running across the street to the fast food restaurant where he worked. He has since recovered from his wound.

Franklin told the court he was sure Bennett was the gunman, but only "70 percent sure" that Beeson was the fourth person in the store the night of the killing.

Beeson and Bennett were arrested earlier this month in American Fork after an informant told police they were involved in the killing. A .45-caliber pistol believed used in the slaying was later recovered from a Provo pawn shop.

In a statement given to police after his arrest, Beeson said he and Bennett were in Las Vegas and that Bennett "just wanted to shoot someone."

The two are being held on $750,000 bail each.