Here's a first - a performer who admits he listens to what critics say about him. Opera great Luciano Pavarotti, who doesn't get many bad reviews anyway, says he doesn't dismiss his reviewers.

"When they critique, I can only assume they want to make you better," he said in Pittsburgh, where he is getting ready for "The Merry Widow." "It would be foolish not to pay attention."If Pavarotti gets his wish, he may be getting critiqued by movie reviewers because he wants to make a comic movie with Mel Brooks someday. Pavarotti says he got interested in singing by mimicking his father. "In terms of imitation, he was the first," Pavar-otti said. "Then I saw Mario Lanza in a movie in the '50s and I went home and in front of a mirror, I began to imitate him. My father heard me and said, `You know, you are very good.' "