Four years ago the board of governors of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce formed a Business/

Government Alliance with Salt Lake County in an effort to solve many problems.The alliance has been successful in getting 45 or 65 recommendations implemented, so the board voted Tuesday to continue the alliance when a new executive committee begins work July 1.

Wm. James Mortimer, board chairman and Deseret News president and publisher, said the group has made significant progress in completing projects, but with a new executive committee taking over July 1, the board should vote on whether the alliance is continued.

Deedee Corradini, who has been chairwoman since the alliance was formed, announced her intention to resign from the group and also suggested that some "new blood" be appointed to study the ongoing issues such as the county's transportation and long-range water supply problems and the new Salt Palace.

Salt Lake County Commission Chairman Mike Stewart said the alliance should also study the multiplicity of regulations affecting business in the county to make it easier for them to operate. Privatization of some county services also should be studied, he said.

On Mortimer's recommendation, the board applauded Corradini's four years of work on the alliance.