Three Brighton High School boys suspended from school for allegedly accosting a hall monitor and making a video movie of the event were not allowed back to school following an appeal hearing, the father of the one of boys said.

The boy's father said he will appeal to the State Board of Education.Meanwhile, school officials are checking a report that 107 other students and at least two faculty members knew the adult hall monitor was about to be accosted and filmed, said Jordan School District attorney Brinton Burbidge.

One of the suspended students said Tuesday that the names of people who knew about the plan appear on two lists compiled at school the day before the video was made. All pledged $1 to see the finished movie, the student said.

According to the student, another student approached a hall monitor in his 50s from behind, grabbed him and simulated a sexual act. Two other hall monitors who were present thought the incident was funny and laughed, he said.