When it comes to Dennis Rodman, San Antonio Spurs coach Bob Hill has seen it all.

      On Monday night, his orange-haired forward snubbed several timeout huddles and took off his shoes during Game 1 of the Western Conference finals with the Houston Rockets."Dennis stands or sits on the outskirts all year long," said Hill, who did not make much of this latest escapade. "If you've watched, you've seen that."

      In the previous series, Hill benched Rodman after he refused to participate in a huddle and had words with the coach.

      Rodman had 20 rebounds Monday night and said he was unhappy at being replaced by Hill for the last Spurs' possession, with Houston leading 94-93. San Antonio failed to score, and the Rockets stole the home-court edge.

      "I don't really have too much to say because I don't know why he does that," Rodman said of Hill. "It could have been a situation where I could've gotten a rebound.

      "We should've won this game. It's ridiculous how you can play hard but you don't have the concentration to win the game. This is the time when you love to play. I do my job. I get paid to go out and kick someone's (butt)."

      Hill was more gracious toward Rodman.

      "Dennis was not a distraction tonight, in any way, shape or form," Hill said. "And please print that."

      With San Antonio leading 93-92 with 24 seconds left, Rodman sat away from the huddle despite being encouraged by teammate Doc Rivers to pay attention. As the Spurs returned to the court, David Robinson talked animatedly to Rodman.

      After Houston's Robert Horry scored to put the Rockets ahead, the Spurs called time. Rodman again removed himself from the huddle, and this time took off his shoes in apparent disgust at not being in the game for the final possession.

      Rodman, whose dyed hair, tattoos and body piercings draw as much attention as his rebounding, has been a sideshow for the Spurs and Hill all season.

      He was suspended for three games at the start of the season because of disruptive conduct during preseason, then was given a 31/2-week paid leave of absence.

      When he balked at returning when the leave of absence expired, he was suspended without pay again, but was reinstated two days later.

      He returned to lead the NBA in rebounding for the fourth straight year, but missed two weeks late in the season with an injured shoulder after he fell off his motorcycle.

      "Dennis can be a big distraction, but we deal with it," Robinson said last week. "This is a team. That's how we've won all year."