Jose Canseco is having his troublesome left wrist examined, and if surgery is necessary it will have it done as soon as possible, Oakland Athletics general manager Sandy Alderson says.

"There is no reason to do it beyond Friday, and I hope sooner than that," Alderson said Monday.If Canseco and the team, after hearing the doctors' report Tuesday, decide on surgery to repair a cracked hamate bone, the A's right fielder could remain out of the lineup for two months.

"Jose would be out six weeks, begin rehabilitation and be ready to play in eight weeks. The All-Star break is another way of looking at it," Alderson said.

Meanwhile, Canseco, who reinjured his wrist Sunday, is looking to his twin brother, Ozzie, for comfort. Ozzie, who had the same surgery two months ago, is playing again with the Huntsville Stars. "They remove the broken bone and you're out of there. It's very simple," Ozzie Canseco said of the one-hour procedure.

His brother, the American League Most Valuable Player in 1988, hasn't played for the A's this season because of a stress fracture he suffered and reinjured during spring training. He was in the Huntsville lineup Sunday to begin rehabilitation when suffered a painful snap when he took a swing.