Mayor Steve Newton has a plan to pay off-duty Sandy police officers to help turn Lostwood Drive into "the biggest speed trap in the state."

And if that succeeds, the city may try the same approach to make Rose-boro Road, Lazon Drive and certain other streets especially inhospitable to speeders.Newton said Lostwood Drive residents have complained at neighborhood meetings about the high number of speeders along their street, which runs east from Wasatch Boulevard at approximately 108th South.

But the city doesn't have the money in its budget to do constant enforcement or install speed bumps or tire slashers along that street or others, the mayor told the City Council Tuesday night.

In some areas, "the neighbors are sufficiently desperate that they have thrown 4-by-4s into the road, a dangerous response, he said.

The city, however, is entitled to half of the revenue collected on uncontested traffic tickets. Newton said that in certain high-violation areas that may be enough to cover the cost of paying off-duty police to do several weeks of intensive enforcement - long enough to get drivers out of the speeding habit.

The mayor said he'll meet this week with Lostwood Drive residents and ask them to collectively put up about $100 to start the project.

He'll also take $2,000 out of his neighborhood projects budget to "prime the pump" until ticket money starts coming in, he said.

Details remain to be worked out, but Newton anticipates that officers already working second jobs may be interested in the extra duty. The pay likely would be higher than what they're making as part-time security guards, even if it's a straight rate rather than time and a half, he said.

Council members reacted positively to the idea, even after Newton's warning that, "We may take some heat for it, because you're going to start giving out a lot of extra tickets all of a sudden."