The board of governors of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is disturbed with the "continuing bias against private business development, and in particular against the ski resorts" in the Wasatch Canyons Master Plan.

During a meeting this weekend, the board voted to send another letter to the Salt Lake County Planning Commission voicing objections to some aspects of the master plan. The letter was drafted by the chamber's City/County Government Committee and signed by Fred S. Ball, chamber president and chief executive officer, and Wm. James Mortimer, board chairman."Several statements in the draft plan suggest that the `transportation problem' is for all intents and purposes the sole responsibility of the ski resorts. No new parking lots are permitted in the draft plan, and requirements are proposed for each ski resort to annually prepare a report on reducing private automobiles," the letter said.

"Yet the draft plan calls for the construction of additional parking lots to serve the dispersed recreation users," it said.

The letter also objected to master plan language that said winter use of Guardsman Pass may contribute to existing winter traffic and parking problems in Big Cottonwood Canyon. "We believe these decisions should be made after completion of competent professional review and public input, not on the basis of speculation," Ball said.

The letter said the master plan discussion on the mountain transportation system is abstract, vague, proscriptive and without substantial documented merit. It said the statement doesn't belong in a master plan because it doesn't give the regulated parties anything upon which to base their planning decisions.