Officers arrested a man and shot a dog when it attacked them as the Metro Narcotics Strike Force executed a "no-knock" warrant on a suspected "chop shop" - a place where stolen cars are disassembled, authorities said.

The warrant sought drugs and a 1988 IROC Z-28 Camaro stolen in Murray, said Lt. Richard Sweeny, West Valley Police Department. Only pieces of the car were recovered from the split-level residential house.Sweeny said a small amount of drugs, drug-packaging material and paraphernalia were confiscated.

A man was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of possession of stolen property and drug paraphernalia, Sweeny said.

Agents shot to death a large dog of unknown breed which attacked them as they entered the residence, Sweeny said.

Investigators found only the chassis of the Camaro. The drive-train and the interior of the car were missing, Sweeny said.

Neighbors said the residents of the house had moved in almost a year ago.