The father of a 7-year-old boy who was abused and then abandoned at a rest stop will be sentenced this week in Boise.

The boy, Eddie Tuinman, was found Jan. 5 at an I-84 rest stop near Boise, clad only in a T-shirt and suffering from bruises and burn marks. Police said the child also had suffered broken bones which had healed.His father, Edward Tuinman, 29, pleaded guilty in March to felony child abandonment charges and is scheduled for sentencing Thursday, Deputy Ada County Prosecutor Jay Rosenthal said Monday.

The boy's mother, Debra Tuinman, 28, also was charged in the abandonment.

"We still have not made a decision on what's going to happen to her," Rosenthal said. "She's in a treatment facility being evaluated. It's a general evaluation just dealing with a number of problems we see in her."

The county, based on the information in the evaluations, will "decide on what to do with her. And that's whether to prosecute or not prosecute," he said.

The child, who was described as developmentally disabled, was hospitalized after he was found and placed with a foster family in Idaho.

"With kind treatment and attention, anyone can get better," said Ada County Sheriff Vaughn Killeen.

Washington state child-abuse charges also need to be resolved involving the boy, whose family lived in Sandy and in Yakima, Wash., before leaving the Northwest for Arizona.

Sandy filed theft charges against the couple for allegedly reconnecting natural gas lines after service was cut off. But charges were dropped when the couple was extradited to Idaho.

The couple, three other children and a male relative were arrested in Nephi three days after Eddie was found.

"Obviously there are a whole lot of folks in this jurisdiction and many other jurisdictions he has touched. And we still find a great deal of public and private concern for the child, and we welcome that. The child is doing very, very well," said Rosenthal.

"The kid's doing great. He's a special-needs child and special-needs children, frankly, get to you; they hit an emotional chord in a lot of people that's very strong. He's a sweet little boy."

The other three children are now in Division of Family Services shelter homes, said juvenile courts spokeswoman Sharon Gilsen.

"And they do have a pre-trial set for mid-June on the petition for neglect and dependency," said Gilsen. "It could mean a number of things. The petition (concerns) neglect and dependency, meaning they weren't properly cared for and had no one to care for them. The court is trying to decide who should care for them."

The hearing has been postponed to allow at least one of the parents to attend.