The State Medical Examiner's office reported Wednesday that all but one of a dozen bones tested Monday and Tuesday belonged to animals and could not have belonged to one of Ted Bundy's victims.

"There is one bone that they're not absolutely sure on, and that has gone out to another lab to be processed further," said Bountiful Police Sgt. Ira Beal, who hoping to learn what happened to Debi Kent, who disappeared from the parking lot of Viewmont High School Nov. 8, 1974. She was 17.The week before his execution, Bundy confessed to killing Kent and burying her between Fairview and Mayfield.

Beal is one of several officers who scoured the foothills east of Fairview over the weekend and dug up a number of bones in an area two miles east of Fairview.

There are no immediate plans for additional searches in Sanpete County, Beal said.