Blaine Hogge Nelson, who could spend the rest of his life in jail for raping four Ogden women, says he probably should die for his crimes.

"I do feel like I'm the lowest man in the world right now," Nelson, an admitted rapist and drug addict, said Wednesday in 2nd District Court. "I want to die for what I did to the victims."And Nelson added a bizarre twist to his case Wednesday by confessing to a rape that another Ogden serial rapist pleaded guilty to earlier this year.

Nelson, 33, was sentenced by 2nd District Judge John Wahlquist to serve at least 30 years in prison for the rapes.

Last month he pleaded guilty to 13 felony counts stemming from four rapes. Wahlquist gave him three concurrent 15-years-to-life sentences for three of the rapes and another 15 years to life for the other rape. The sentences will run consecutively because the rape victim's little girl had to listen to the attack from another room.

Nelson broke down in court and cried, asking the judge for leniency, saying he was addicted to drugs and had to break into houses in order to support his habit.

The defendant told the judge that he wanted to do some time, but then he wanted to get out of prison to help others addicted to drugs.

Defense attorney John Caine asked that all four rape sentences run concurrently because his client was very cooperative and confessed to the crimes. He said the state could not have brought Nelson to trial without those confessions.

Caine called the crimes a "tragedy" brought on by a "self-inflicted drug habit. He was functioning in a dream world," Caine said.

Nelson agreed to enter guilty pleas to the rape following a plea-bargain agreement.

Weber County Attorney Reed Richards told the judge that Nelson may have committed as many as 20 rapes in Weber County and that he agreed not to file more charges against Nelson if the defendant would plead guilty to four sexual assaults.

Richards said Nelson has been raping women locally for about four years, and the defendant should remain behind bars for the rest of his life to protect other women.

Nelson, a truck driver, has been charged with several other rapes in Cedar City and Laramie, Wyo. He apparently also has confessed to a rape which another Ogden man pleaded guilty to.

Richards notified the defense attorney in that case to let the lawyer know about the confession. Defense attorney Kevin Sullivan said he has not yet read the confession, transcribed from a taped interview with Nelson.

Sullivan was the attorney for Cary Hartmann, a former Ogden reserve police officer, who said he committed the rape.

Hartmann was convicted by an eight-member jury in September of raping another woman. He was facing numerous charges in three other rapes but pleaded guilty to the same one Nelson confessed to, officials said.

Richards at that time said he would dismiss the charges in the other two rape cases in exchange for the guilty plea.

Now Sullivan said he will have to look over Nelson's confession before making his next move on behalf of Hartmann.

"Once I get that (confession), I'm going to review it to see if there's enough evidence to rescind the plea bargain and maybe ask for a new trial for the other rape he (Hartmann) was convicted of," Sullivan said.

Asked why his client would plead guilty to a rape he did not commit, Sullivan replied, "We have people do it all the time."

Sullivan said some innocent people plead guilty to crimes in order to get less prison time and to have sentences run concurrently.