Alta View Hospital

ALGER, Norman and Laurel, Sandy, girl.BAEBLER, Mathew and Kathleen, Sandy, boy.

BANKS, Terry and Colleen, Sandy, boy.

FALT, Tom and Brenda, Sandy, girl.

HAM, Brian and Carrie, Sandy, boy.

JUDSON, Robert and Lori, Sandy, boy.

MacKAY, Doug and Julie, Sandy, girl.

NIELSEN, Greg and Amy, Sandy, boy.

PETERSEN, Robert and Laurie, Riverton, girl.

WADE, Mark and Denise, Sandy, girl.

WHITING, Mark and Nancy, Sandy, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-

CHIPMAN, David and Barbie, Salt Lake City, boy.

COLTRAIN, Larry J., and Jenine, West Jordan, boy.

FLEMING, Drew and Lorrie, Bennion, boy.

JENSEN, Gerald B., and Cynthia M., Midvale, girl.

LARKIN, Robert A., Jr., and Robyn S., Salt Lake City, girl.

MCNEIL, Greg and Kristin, Salt Lake City, girl.

SATO, Joe L., and Cheri A., Riverton, girl.

ZABRISKIE, Lee T., and Linda R., Midvale, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

BANNER, Seth Neil and Annette, boy.

CRANDELL, Ron and Kathy, boy.

FISHER, Gary and Cathy, boy.

HUITRON, Trino and Ramona, boy.

POWERS, Cory and Candace, girl.

Lakeview Hospital-

DeRURANGE, James A., and Roxanne, Centerville, girl.

LDS Hospital-

BAKER, Rex James and Tamra, boy.

BARTLESON, Robert and Kathryn, girl.

BELLAMY, Jeffery and Rita, girl.

BENT, Russell and Margert, girl.

BIDDLE, Julie, and COMB, Robert B., boy.

BLOOMDALE, Randall and Sheila, girl.

BOHMAN, Vern and Wendy, girl.

BURDICK, Bruce and Patricia, girl.

BUTCHER, Daren and Heidi, girl.

CHRISTENSEN, Shawn David and Anean, girl.

DAVIS, Steven and Lisakay, girl.

DORADO, Severo and Graciela, girl.

EDMAN, Darren and Jill, boy.

FOX, Gregory and Suzanne, boy.

GRIFFIN, Gaven and Jayley, boy.

JORENSEN, Dean and Betsy, girl.

NORTON, Randy M., and Vera, girl.

PACE, Todd and Pamela, girl.

ROLLINS, Sally, and ADAMS, Howard H., boy.

SCANTLIN, Vince and Tammy, girl.

WARD, Michael and Janice, girl.

WOOD, Wayne and Jeanie, girl.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

ALLEN, Ronald and Denise, West Valley City, girl.

DAMMASCHKE, Daniel and Terra, West Valley City, boy.

OGDEN, John and Kathleen, Kearns, boy.

POSTMA, Bill and Janet, West Valley City, girl.

SCHOOLEY, Douglas and Julie, Kearns, boy.

SHURTLEFF, Thomas and Lisa, West Valley City, boy.

SIEGEL, Douglas and Petra, Magna, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BECKSTEAD, Rex and Mona, Salt Lake City, boy.

BROSIUS, Steve and Bradley, Bennion, boy.

CHAPMAN, Steven and Lynette, Salt Lake City, boy.

CHRISTENSEN, Wayne and Chantelle, Salt Lake City, boy.

DAVIS, Kurt and Karen, Kearns, girl.

HANSEN, John and Cassandra, Sandy, girl.

HERST, Nathan and Tonya, Salt Lake City, boy.

LOOMER, Randall and Shelly, Salt Lake City, boy.

LUCIANI, Juan and Carolyn, Salt Lake City, girl.

PECK, Cass and Natalie, Salt Lake City, boy.

ROSSITER, Steven and Michelle, Salt Lake City, boy.

SWOPE, Jack and Denise, Salt Lake City, girl.

WHEATLEY, David and Carol, Sandy, boy.

University Medical Center-

EVANS, Ryan and Elysa, girl.

FAUSETT, Kevin and Dawn, boy.

JONES, Larry and Sonya, twin girls.

LARSEN, Terry and Wendy, girl.

ROMERO, Craig and Wendy, boy.

WESTLUND, Dale and Shauna, girl.