Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez has broken the rule of reverence for historic heroes, and the faithful are up in arms.

Roberto Belandia, secretary of the Colombian Academy of History, was fulminating the other day over Garcia Marquez's latest novel."He uses history to darken the prestige of our institutions and heroes," said Belandia. "It is an anti-patriotic book."

The book, "The General in His Labyrinth," is about Simon Bolivar, South America's greatest hero. It depicts "the Liberator" in his latter days as a feeble insomniac with bad breath and gas, feverish and often delirious, rejected by Colombians and dejected by the failure of his health, the loss of his glory and the death of his dreams.

Rights for publication in other countries have been negotiated by Garcia Marquez's agent in Spain. A representative said the English translation, to be published by Alfred A. Knopf of New York, will probably not be ready for the presses until next year.