If they ever catch that dog, he's in big trouble: theft, tampering with evidence and failure to obey the command of a peace officer, to name a few offenses.

But Salt Lake Police Officer J.R. Nelson will probably not put out an "attempt-to-locate" on the dog that absconded with a weapon used in an assault on a teenager in the city's west side Monday night.The weapon was a steak bone, which was thrown from a house, striking a 16-year-old girl as she walked on Fifth North near 10th West about 9 p.m.

Nelson found grease, meat and charcoal on the victim's cheek just below her eye, according to his written report.

Lying on the ground was "one fresh medium-size steak bone," Nelson wrote.

After interviewing the victim and the suspect - who told officers, "You know, when you drink things just happen" - police went to collect the evidence.

"(We) observed a large dog running down the street with the bone," Nelson wrote. "No attempt was made to recover (it)."