In part of a continued attempt to break an illegal drug distribution chain in Utah County, Provo police and the Utah County sheriff's office arrested more than 20 people Monday.

Provo police confiscated only a half a pound of marijuana in its search of more than 12 Provo homes, but Capt. George Pierpont, spokesman, said the police were also looking for records of drug activity.The police department arrested 12 people Monday and the sheriff's office arrested 11. Officials said more arrests are expected.

Monday's arrests by the sheriff's office netted small amounts of marijuana, paraphernalia and other tools utilized in the packaging and distribution of illicit drugs. Several vehicles and other personal property were seized as well.

The drug arrests are a spinoff from charges made last week against five Provo and 10 Utah County residents. In those arrests, $25,000 in cash and 30 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $67,000 were confiscated, Pierpont said.

All arrests are a result of investigations over the past several months. Together, both agencies will have arrested and charged about 35 people, said Sheriff's Lt. Lee Fox.

"Additional arrests will continue with what we hope will be a clear message to those trafficking in illegal drugs that the community has had enough and we are not going to relax our efforts," Fox said.

The agencies are combining operations and sharing information and investigative techniques that will be enhanced in the future in hopes of making it more difficult to distribute drugs within the county, he said.

"We would hope that the citizens of Utah County purchasing drugs will understand that they are supporting organized crime in its truest sense and are allowing distributors to profit at the expense - physically and financially - of others."