The little girl who survived a killing spree that claimed her mother and two sisters is behaving like any 3-year-old, pouting and playing with lots of donated toys, her doctor says.

Dr. Ralph Keill said Carmina Salcido is recovering very well from the slash in her throat, allegedly inflicted by her own father. She should be discharged from Petaluma Valley Hospital within two weeks, he said."She plays. She pouts. She has temper tantrums," Keill said Monday at a news conference outside the hospital about 30 miles north of San Francisco.

Ramon Salcido, 28, entered not guilty pleas to seven counts of murder and three charges of attempted murder last Friday. He is accused of killing his wife, two daughters, his mother-in-law and her two daughters and a co-worker at the winery where he worked.

Salcido allegedly slit Carmina's throat and left her for dead alongside the bodies of her two sisters, Sofia, 4, and Teresa, 1, at a trash dump in Sonoma County last month.

Carmina, now listed in good condition, has been talking in a whisper.

"It sounds pretty good to us," said hospital spokeswoman Mary Frost.

Carmina has been allowed outside the hospital for walks and rides on her new tricycle and went on an outing with her grandfather, Robert Richards.

Richards has petitioned the court for custody of Carmina.

"Carmina loves stickers," Frost said. "She puts them up on the walls of her hospital room, on her nurse's lapels, wherever she wants to stick one."

Salcido was captured in Mexico on April 19, five days after the rampage, and deported to California. He remains in solitary confinement in the Sonoma County Jail.