Shells smashed a main communication center in Christian east Beirut, cutting contact Tuesday between most Lebanese in the capital and the outside world.

Security sources said a direct hit Monday wrecked the main exchange in Badaro. Telephone lines between the Moslem west and Christian east sectors of divided Beirut went dead.A power failure had already silenced telephones within Moslem west Beirut.

International and local telex links through the Riyad Solh communications center in west Beirut near the Green Line dividing the city were still functioning.

Relentless artillery exchanges between troops loyal to Christian army Commander Maj. Gen. Michel Aoun, and Syrian gunners and their Moslem allies that erupted Monday raged for 10 hours before easing at dawn on Tuesday.

Hospital sources said at least 14 people were killed and more than 35 wounded in Monday's artillery duels that engulfed Beirut and some 80 outlying towns and villages.

"I am dead scared to face a new day as it is getting worse as each day passes. Death is getting closer and closer," said Sawsan Deeb, a mother of three, in Moslem west Beirut.