Artillery battles resumed across Beirut Monday, sending civilians rushing in panic to shelters after a morning lull in merciless bombardments that shattered an Arab League cease-fire.

Security sources said scores of shells slammed into residential areas of Beirut's Christian enclave, held by the troops of Christian Army Commander Maj.-Gen. Michel Aoun."Here we go again. I had hoped they would give us a longer break, but they destroy all hopes," said a man hurrying back to a shelter in the capital's Christian sector.

The deafening thump of outgoing and incoming shells also shook Moslem west Beirut, controled by the Syrian Army. Witnesses said panic-stricken Syrian soldiers dived for cover when shells hit their checkpoints along the seafront.

Scores of cars were set ablaze and a fire raged close to the central bank, covering fashionable Hamra Street with huge plumes of black and white smoke.

Security sources said at least four people were killed and 13 wounded in the renewed bombardments.

Christian and Moslem radio stations interrupted programs with news of the fighting. Christian stations accused Syrian gunners of firing phosphorous shells at Christian areas.

One man was wounded as he was getting water from a tap in a street in west Beirut. His brother said: "Thirty or 40 shells landed at the same time. We did not know where to hide. My brother was wounded in the chest as he was getting water."