Doug Brasher's inventions have already won him modest fame and fortune, and he is only 11. He says he has lots of ideas and hopes to invent many more things to help make life easier for people.

A sixth-grader at Howard R. Driggs School, Brasher won the regional contest last year in the Invent America program, which included his school and others, with a plastic corner reinforcement for game boxes. "It keeps the boxes from falling apart," he said. He was awarded a $500 savings bond, soda pop, a free dinner and a T-shirt. His parents are Burton K. and Sue Brasher, of Holladay.This year, Brasher invented a machine to help him fold the copies of the Deseret News he delivers every day and submitted it to his school's Invent America contest. He won again and was awarded a $50 savings bond and a medal.

His latest invention enables him to sit comfortably while he stuffs papers into a plastic sleeve. He stretches rubber bands around the sleeve and pulls them off one by one onto each paper and then stuffs another folded paper into the sleeve.

Within a short time, he has put rubber bands on each paper and is ready for his deliveries.

"Inventing is fun. My grandfather, Elmo Harris, invented a toy parachute and a sewing ring to keep seams straight. I think I'd like to be an attorney, like my Dad, when I grow up, but maybe put inventing with law and be a patent attorney," Brasher said.