Comedian Jonathan Winters may be serious about artistic painting, but not that serious. "There's much more to it than having paints, a bottle of vodka and a TV set locked on the `Days of Our Lives,' " said Winters, who was in San Francisco Saturday to receive a doctor of humane letters degree from the Academy of Art College. But consider some of the wacky titles he's chosen for some of his work. "Pathetic Black Moon with Awful Vase with Dead Flowers in It," is what Winters called a "put-on of a large white canvas with a little red dot on its center that the Museum of Modern Art in New York paid 200 grand for." Then there's "Two Birds Watching Doris Day's Cat and Dog Drown." Winters said that while Day is involved in various animal protection causes, the painting has nothing to do with her. Instead, it's "just my black humor at work." Winters, 63, studied art at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, and the Dayton Art Institute. He holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from Dayton.