Law enforcement officials searching for the remains of one of serial killer Ted Bundy's victims found more bones Saturday in the foothills east of Fairview.

Sanpete County Sheriff Wallace Buchanan said searchers discovered 10 to 12 bones from five different sites in an area two miles east of Fairview and will send them to the state medical examiner's office to determine if they are human."We found an awful lot (of bones) but there were many we left because we knew they were animal bones," he said. "We just started digging and if we found bones, we sent them to the state."

During another search of the area Wednesday, search dogs found bones from five other sites and those have already been sent to the state for analysis, he said.

Buchanan declined to speculate as to whether the bones were human.

During the week before his execution, Bundy confessed to killing Debi Kent, 17, of Bountiful, and burying her body in an area between Fairview and Mayfield. Kent disappeared from a Viewmont High School parking lot on Nov. 8, 1974.

About 35 Bountiful and Sanpete County officials spent most of Saturday combing the foothills looking for any signs of evidence - the sixth search since Bundy's January confession.

Buchanan said he will wait to see what the medical examiner's office says about the bones before he decides what the next move will be. More searches, however, are unlikely.

"I think we've pretty much done all we can do in this particular area," he said. "If something else comes up, then we'll try again."

The sheriff did say, however, that he plans to investigate about 25 high mountain sites where "Bundy trees" _ trees carved with Bundy's name or initials _ have been reported. Although he doesn't know how many may have been carved by hikers as a joke, he said he will check each site.

"We'll try to search them out in July when the snow has melted."