A Hill Air Force Base spokesman says that "appropriate" but unspecified action has been taken against a fighter pilot who is accused of flying his F-16 in violation of alcohol regulations.

Hill spokesman Len Barry released a brief statement on the investigation into allegations against Lt. Col. Thomas L. King, but declined further comment, saying that would violate federal privacy statutes.The statement simply noted that King was not the subject of court-martial or other public procedure.

It did not say whether King is flying his jet fighter again or if he has been restored to command of the 466th Tactical Fighter Squadron, a part of the 419th Tactical Fighter Wing, a reserve unit.

"All we can say is he's still assigned to the 419th," Barry said Friday. "If we say more, we're getting into the area of connoting guilt. It's not our prerogative."

King was not immediately available for comment. A woman who answered King's telephone Saturday said he was not home.

King, 45, of Park City, was relieved of his squadron command and flying in February, pending investigation of a charge he flew his F-16 less than 12 hours after drinking alcohol, thus violating Air Force regulations.

The flight in question was Dec. 2 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., where the 419th was in an exercise.

The base statement said that the investigation is complete and "appropriate action has been taken. The matter is considered closed.

"Information about the case is part of an internal Air Force investigation dealing with a personnel matter. It is not the subject of a court-martial or other public procedure," the statement continued.

"For that reason, we are prohibited . . . from releasing any information about the case, about the affected person's status relative to the case, and about any actions that might have been taken by Air Force officials," the Air Force said.