Attempts have begun to eradicate so-called "Mormon crickets" showing up in Millard County.

There were heavy infestations of the pest the past couple of years in the county, and officials of the Animal Plant, Health and Inspection Service say it appears the cycle is continuing.Property owners are urged to contact the Utah State University Extension Service if they see cricket infestations and want to eradicate them. The damaging insects have been seen on private land near Fillmore and on federal lands near Oak City.

Warm weather has been favorable to hatching, which begins in March and April, said Jody Gale of the Extension Service. Crickets are already migrating and are about two weeks ahead of schedule.

Gale said farmers should plan their method of control on their own lands and make every effort to get rid of the crickets in order to stop a major infestation that would devastate crops.

A bran bait is being offered to farmers at half price, available at Extension Service offices in Fillmore and Delta. A cricket that eats the bait immediately dies, said APHIS official Tom Crew.