Weber area narcotics agents are banding together to form a countywide Metropolitan Narcotics Task Force.

The Weber County Police Chiefs Association will oversee the multi-agency, full-time drug-enforcement effort, officials said. It will solicit involvement from cities in Weber and Morgan counties."We'll hit everybody for something," said Weber County Attorney Reed Richards. "We'll do as much as we have the money to do."

The task force is still in the formative stage and an office hasn't been established. City councils will be approached over the next six weeks for contributions of manpower or funding.

Even if a small city can't afford to join, the task force can still help, said Capt. Marlin Balls of the Ogden Police Department. "If they've got a drug problem, we'll go in and work it."

"We can marshal 20 people to come and take care of the problem," Richards said.

The police department, Balls said, is committing its entire narcotics division to the task force, including a lieutenant, a sergeant and four detectives.

"We chase bandits from one end of the county to the other now anyway," he said. "Instead of individual agencies trying to investigate drugs in their jurisdiction, we can funnel it all through the task force," he said.