Federal drug czar William Bennett says sending persons convicted of casual drug use to "boot camps" instead of jail would cost the government less money but still be a strong deterrent.

Bennett, interviewed Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation," said he was considering such a plan as part of the overall anti-drug strategy he is preparing for the Bush administration."You don't put them all in jail, but you can fine every one of them, you can take their cars away, you can send people to boot camp," Bennett said.

"We are looking into this boot camp thing, which we've seen in several states, which looks to be a very productive kind of thing."

In such a boot camp, he said, the drug offender "gets up at 4:30 in the morning, he does push-ups, he runs a good bit and doesn't watch soap operas or TV, as many people do in jail.

"It's inexpensive, it teaches good lessons, and the recidivism rate is very, very low because it is so grueling and so unpleasant people don't want to go back to it," he said.