Syrian and Christian gunners plunged into heavy artillery duels across Beirut and in nearby hills Saturday, shattering a 9-day-old truce. Police said 10 people died and 33 were wounded.

Shells rained on residential districts in Beirut's Moslem and Christian sectors, on the city's port, around the Christian enclave's northern coastline, and in summer resort towns in the central mountains above the capital.Police said seven civilians, including a pregnant woman, were killed and 22 wounded in west Beirut. Three were killed and 11 wounded in Christian east Beirut.

The latest violence brought the overall death toll to 288 since the latest round of fighting broke out March 8 between Christian army units under Lebanese army commander Gen. Michel Aoun and an alliance of Syrian and Druse Moslem militiamen.

Another 1,044 have been wounded, according to police count.

The duels crushed a cease-fire brokered nine days ago by the Arab League. It was the fourth such cease-fire in two months.