The Utah State Board of History wants Gov. Norm Bangerter to consider consolidating the board and the state's Historic Sites and Cultural Review Committee.

The board wants its entire membership appointed to the committee, which is required to have a minimum of eight members but has no membership limit.The plan could be implemented without much fuss if the governor would simply appoint the 11 history board members to the committee. Thomas Alexander, board chairman, said there are no objections to having others appointed along with the history board. He said the board may actually request the appointment of certain experts to aid in developing various policies required by the federal government.

Alexander said he believes the move would streamline operations and make it easier to coordinate policies. He said the federal government has already indicated more policy matters are likely to come to the committee in the future.

The committee is responsible for reviewing proposed sites for historic designation including homes and buildings that are added to the National Historic Register and archaeological and paleontological sites within the state's boundaries.

Since the history board sets policy for the state Division of History, which oversees administration of the other programs, board members feel combining the two bodies would be more efficient and effective. Alexander said present members of the committee would be asked to remain through the end of their appointed term.