In a game where lucky bats and peculiar pre-game rituals prevail, managers and players a like will tell you you that in baseball there are some things that you just don't do.

During the Cleveland Indians' 3-1 victory over the Kansas City Royals Thursday afternoon, John Farrell was three outs away from a no-hitter. But Indian clubhouse manager Cy Buynak probably provoked fate by ordering three bottles of champagne for the Cleveland locker room while Farrell took the mound in the ninth inning.Superstition dictated that Farrell would lose his chance at the elusive feat. Kevin Seitzer made it a reality by lofting a single to right field.

"That was the whammy," said Stadium Club manager Jim Kerlin. "I told my assistant not to take it (champagne) down. But he did anyway, the same three bottles of champagne Toronto called for when Dave Stieb took a no-hitter into the ninth last year and the same three bottles Milwaukee called for when Odell Jones had a no-hitter after eight innings. We're never gonna open those bottles. Before he got down there, the no-hitter was over."

Seitzer's single helped build the Royals' only run of the game. Willie Wilson reached base earlier in the ninth on an error, and scored as the Indians turned a double-play on Jim Eisenreich.

After Farrell surrendered the hit, he was replaced by reliever Doug Jones, who came on to register his sixth save.