Classic Helicopter Service, Sandy, has been awarded the $59,940 contract to spray gypsy moths in Olympus Cove, Utah Department of Agriculture officials said Thursday.

Deputy Agriculture Commissioner Edison Stephens said the company will probably begin spraying the insecticide, Bacillus Thuringiensis or B.t., sometime next week, depending upon the weather.Three applications of the insecticide will be sprayed over the 1,190-acre target area - east of I-215, south of Parley's Canyon and north of the boundary of Mount Olympus with Wasatch Boulevard - in seven- to 10-day intervals, Stephens said.

"We checked the helicopter and its spraying apparatus out Wednesday at Airport No. 2, and the spraying was correctly done with the right amount of chemical applied."

He said 900 gallons of B.t. will be sprayed in the Olympus Cove area.