An infant boy who ingested methanol over the weekend died Thursday as Salt Lake police detectives investigated the possibility that his baby formula had been tainted with windshield-washer fluid.

A relative found Leon Notah Jr., 6 months, and two other children in a car parked outside a bar at 666 S. State Saturday night.Notah later fell into a coma and was taken to Primary Children's Medical Center, where he died Thursday afternoon.

Notah's mother was apparently inside the bar while the child and his siblings were inside the car with three uncles, who were passed out from drinking, said Lt. Norm Thompson. A container of windshield washer fluid, which is made of methanol, was found in the car.

Preliminary tests at the hospital indicated there was methanol, or "wood alcohol," in the baby's system. The infant's baby bottle, however, had been cleaned, said Thompson.

Thompson said the victim's siblings, ages 2 and 4, have been placed in temporary protective custody and that police will seek to have them placed in permanent foster homes.