The next time some guy rides past you on his 10-speed bike, you may want to look again. He may be a vicious cyclist, or at least a member of a local cycling club - Vicious Cycle - that's heading for Mexico City.

Two club members, both from Orem, will represent the United States in the Olympic Festival next week. Another Utahn, a member of Team USA from West Valley City, will also join the group.Mike Staheli - coach of the Vicious Cycle club - has been asked by the U.S. Cycling Federation to take the team of riders, which includes the three Utah youths, to the Olympic Festival.

There is only one problem. The group leaves Monday, and Staheli hasn't collected enough donations to help send the team to Mexico. He has spent the past two weeks trying to raise $5,000, but so far only $800 has been donated by SoftCopy, an Orem software duplication company.

He said he has become discouraged and plans to sell his car to fund the trip. Having raised funds in Los Angeles in past years, Staheli says it's much more difficult to get Utah businessmen to donate dollars.

The festival gives young athletes an opportunity to compete internationally before they compete in the Olympics or other similar international events, Staheli said.

They will also qualify for national competition in Colorado Springs and represent Utah in any national event.

Robert Williams, 16, and Burke Swindelhurst, 16, both of Orem, and David Francis, also 16, West Valley City, will compete in the festival's 40-kilometer road race and in a 40-kilometer track time trial.

"These boys have been competing for the last two or three years with the cycling federation," Staheli said. "All have completed at least one Olympic training session at the Olympic Training Center."

Anyone interested in donating to the team can call Staheli at 376-8579.