An Air Force veteran was arrested Friday on federal espionage charges for allegedly attempting to deliver classified information to the Soviet Union, the FBI announced.

Bobby R. Gillham, special agent in charge of the bureau's Dallas office, said Ronald Craig Wolf, 34, of Dallas, was arrested without incident Friday afternoon at a Holiday Inn near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.Wolf was immediately taken before a federal magistrate, who ordered him held without bond pending a detention hearing Wednesday.

Wolf, who served nearly seven years in the Air Force, was charged with espionage in a complaint that states he "did knowingly and willfully attempt to communicate to a foreign government; to whit, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, information relating to the national defense of the United States, with intent and reason to believe that said information would be used to the injury of the United States and to the advantage of the foreign nation."

The FBI's investigation began in early March when information was obtained indicating Wolf's desire to sell sensitive classified information to the Soviet Union, Gillham said at a news conference Friday afternoon.

On five occasions, Wolf "engaged in conversations with a person he believed to be a representative of the Soviet Union assigned to the Soviet Embassy" in Washington, D.C., the complaint said.

The person Wolf contacted was actually an undercover FBI agent.

"During each of these conversations, Wolf discussed various aspects of his military background and experience, and his desire to `defect' to the Soviet Union and provide United States Air Force military secrets to the Soviet Union for monetary gain and to get revenge for his treatment by the United States government," the complaint said.

Wolf enlisted in the Air Force in July 1974 at Dallas and served until May 1981. During that time, he held a top secret clearance and received training in the Russian language, Gillham said.

The federal complaint said Wolf was discharged because of his "unsuitability for service due to financial irresponsibility."