Unemployment increased in April to 4.3 percent - the second consecutive small monthly jump - but still remained 0.8 below April 1988 figures, according to the monthly Utah Department of Employment Security labor market report.

The number of people out of work in April totaled 36,000 - 12 percent lower than April 1988, the report said. March's figure was 4.2 percent.For reporting purposes, unemployed people are grouped into job losers, job leavers and entrants. Department officials said that with the increased availability of jobs, more people are entering the labor force. Some haven't been immediately successfully and that is why the unemployment rate inched up last month.

Supporting the analysis is the fact that the number of unemployment compensation claimants is lower than in similar periods since the early 1970s. This means relatively few unemployed Utahns are job losers and far fewer are job leavers.

Utah's non-agriculture employment totals continue to reflect moderate growth, the report said. In April, the 676,400 jobs available are 25,200 higher than the figure a year ago. During that period, job growth was between 3.9 and 4.2 percent.

As usual, the three large private sector industries of manufacturing, trade and services continued to provide more than 85 percent of the new jobs in the state, department officials said.