Alta View Hospital

BANKS, Terry and Colleen, Sandy, boy.

MACKAY, Doug and Julie, Sandy, girl.PETERSEN, Robert and Laurie, Riverton, girl.

SALT, Tom and Brenda, Sandy, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

FRANTZ, Bradlee D., and N. Jill, Salt Lake City, boy.

GUYMON, Mark C., and Corby Ann, Salt Lake City, boy.

HEMMERT, Lynn and Kendra, Salt Lake City, girl.

MEMMOTT, Clifford D., and Brenda, Salt Lake City, girl.

NELSON, Mark and Cynthia M., Sandy, girl.

PETERSON, Jay Scott and Tamra Lee, Salt Lake City, boy.

POULSEN, Gregory P., and Catherine, Salt Lake City, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ATENCIO, Isaac and Cathy, girl.

CHUDLEIGH, Steven and Lisa,

DICKSON, Douglas and Shauna, boy.

HIGBEE, Barry and Brenda, girl.

JEFFRIES, Michael and Shelly, boy.

LAMB, Jeff and Linda, boy.

LOPEZ, David and Jessica, girl.

LUTZ, Greg and Suzanne, boy.

PACHECO, Ron and Pam, boy.

LDS Hospital-

ARCHULETA, Vincent and Peggy, girl.

BRUNHART, Ulrich and Winifred, boy.

EARL, Cordel and Mikki, girl.

ECKERT, Danny and Gayle, boy.

ENGH, Eric and Denise, twin boys.

GARNER, Troy and Jane, boy.

HANSEN, John and Tami Jo, boy.

MABEY, Jeff and Jennifer, boy.

WALTMAN, Scott and Lou, boy.

University Medical Center-

CARTER, Steve and Beverly, boy.

HERRERA, Mitch and Candy, boy.

HOLLEY, Gary and Dana, girl.