Four ex-South Carolina football coaches were arraigned Thursday on charges stemming from a probe of alleged steroid use at the university and illegal distribution of the drug statewide.

The four men, who were indicted April 19 by a federal grand jury, pleaded innocent to the charges. U.S. Magistrate Charles Gambrell granted $10,000 unsecured bond each and said the men, none of whom live in South Carolina, would be allowed to leave the state.Ex-Gamecocks coaches Jim Washburn, Tom Gadd and Tom Kurucz were indicted by the grand jury for "conspiring to conduct a program of illegal steroid use by members of the athletic community . . . particularly by members of the university's football team." Former players and coaches allegedly used steroids, according to the indictment.

Washburn, Gadd and Kurucz also were charged with importing steroids into the state and dispensing the drugs without a prescription. Kurucz also is charged with lying to the grand jury.

Former Gamecocks strength coach Keith Kephart was charged with conspiring with others in the "USC athletic community" to bring steroids into the state and dispense them without prescriptions.

A trial date has tentatively been set for June 6, although that may change if motions are filed by attorneys, said Nancy Rumchak, deputy clerk of the U.S. District Court.

Gadd will plead innocent, said Joel Collins, one of two Columbia attorneys representing the former Gamecocks' coach. But he doesn't expect any plea bargain agreement.

"It's impossible for me to speculate about what's going to happen way down the road," Collins said. "We are in the early stages of learning about the case. . . . As far as our intentions to plea bargain, there will be none of that."

He said the indictments have left him with "many questions."