A USA Today reporter who once described Lincoln as a polyester-loving town was given a grand tour of the capital that left her feeling, in her words, "polysaturated."

Karen S. Peterson, in a May 3 article in her newspaper, called Lincoln "the edge of nowhere, a city still comfortable with fulsome waistlines and polyester."That struck a chord with two radio personalities and Rita Bennett of the city's visitor and convention bureau, who organized a drive to collect polyester clothing to send to the reporter. Things snowballed, and 10,000 pounds of polyester clothing were collected in two days.

Peterson was invited to Lincoln from her home base in Arlington, Va., and on Thursday she was serenaded at lunch at the Cornhusker by Attorney General Bob Spire, engineered the train at the Children's Zoo, and received an admiralship in the Nebraska Navy from Bill Orr, husband of the governor.

Peterson, interviewed by a flock of reporters, said she meant no harm by her sentence and was just trying to set the scene on a story about Cliff Hillegass. The founder of Cliffs Notes prefers to run his publishing dynasty from Lincoln rather than New York City.