An Alpine researcher and director of a vitamin and herb multilevel marketing company is facing criminal charges that practiced medicine without a license.

Utah County and state investigators say Robert O. Young, 43, took blood samples from two clients, used the samples to diagnose illnesses and then prescribed treatment - usually a product that he sells. Young is facing two third-degree felonies and has a hearing scheduled for Nov. 22 in 4th Circuit Court.According a court affidavit, Young owns a company called InnerLight Inc. that sells vitamins, minerals, herbs, salts, amino acids and enzymes.

Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing officials began investigating Young after two women complained that he used blood samples to determine that they both suffered from numerous illnesses. The court affidavit says Young told one woman she had pre-cancerous reproductive problems, severe fungi, parasites, lymphatic problems and suffered from depression, stress and anxiety. The affidavit says he told the other woman that she had fungi, toxin buildup, internal bleeding and vitamin deficiencies that caused lung, pancreas, shoulder and back problems.

Court records say both women were given a book titled "One Sickness, Disease, Treatment," written by Robert O. Young, Ph.D. He allegedly underlined sections pertaining to treatment they needed to follow to rid themselves of the illnesses. The treatment included a low-carbohydrate and liquid diet consisting of dark green vegetable juice and broth. The treatment also included an InnerLight product called Sagrada Plus Formula to cleanse the lower bowel and 14 other natural products sold by Inner-Light.

Investigators say Young is not a licensed physician but does have a doctorate degree from an Alabama-based school. Most of his clients are from out of state, in-ves-ti-ga-tors said.

When contacted Thursday, Young said he's never represented himself to be a medical doctor and said the two women signed a release form acknowledging that they knew he is not a medical doctor. He said he was entrapped by the women who asked to be part of his research on pleomorphism, a science that claims organisms have the ability to change shape.

"I was just interested in looking at their blood," he said. "I did not prescribe drugs. They asked me what I would do and I gave them nutritional information because that's my education."

Young said he has studied under doctors worldwide and done research that proves degenerative illnesses, such as diabetes and cancer, are caused by micro-organisms. He said his research proves that bacteria evolves into fungi and that disease comes from within and not from outside the body. He said some researchers believe his work should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Young calls the charges against him unfortunate because his research is valuable and important. He doubts the case will ever go to trial.

"If it does I will make this a platform to prove my theories on diabetes and cancer," he said.