The City Council is asking the Salt Lake County sheriff to consider paying rent for office space the department uses in the Riverton City Hall.

Mayor Dale Gardiner said he thinks the sheriff should pay for the 1,040 square feet of space currently occupied. He said that may mean the cost of the city's contract with the department, which provides police services in Riverton, will go up, but he thinks the revenue is likely to be more than the increased cost.The city pays $260,219 annually to the sheriff for police services.

"I think that once this runs through the process we're likely to see $2 in revenue for each additional dollar we spend on the contract," Gardiner said.

Council members said they were willing to withhold action on the lease, which ends Sunday, until the the matter can be reviewed.

"We won't kick them out while we're waiting," Gardiner quipped.

The council did renew a lease arrangement with the Salt Lake County Fire Department for space in the fire station for a paramedic unit. That lease costs the county $1 annually. The new agreement is a four-year contract at a total of $4.

"If we try to monkey with that one they'll take the paramedics out, so we better just approve that contract," Gardiner told the council.