The older Americans get, the happier they are, according to a poll that found old age is the cure for loneliness, money worries and fear of disease and death.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans age 65 or older are pleased with their lives, compared to half the people ages 18 to 49, according to a nationwide Los Angeles Times poll published Thursday.Fewer older people say they are lonely, nearly three times as many old people as young say they are never depressed, and only 7 percent of the elderly say they have contemplated suicide, compared to 20 percent of younger people, the poll found.

Older people also worry less about money, with only about a quarter of those over 65 reporting they worried about money in the last 12 months, compared to almost half the people under 50.

And the closer people get to the end of their lives, the less fearful they are of death. Ninety percent of people over 65 said they are not afraid to die, compared to 80 percent of middle age people and 75 percent of young people.