Though the post mortems are inevitable, Utah Jazz fans should not dwell on the negative.

Sure, the playoff loss to the Golden State Warriors, a team with a record of only 43 wins and 39 losses in the regular season, is a distinct disappointment.Sure, the failure to advance in the playoffs deprives the Jazz of revenue needed to help build their new arena.

But there's still plenty to feel good about. Like the 51 victories the Jazz posted en route to winning the Midwest Division title. Like the fact that during the regular season the Jazz beat every team in the NBA except Detroit. Or like the fact that the Jazz had three all-stars, the most valuable player and the runner-up MVP in the All-Star Game.

While the three-game sweep by the Warriors exposed some weaknesses in the Jazz - mainly a lack of flexibility - it provided the Utah team with a sharp incentive to keep improving.

In all, bravo, Jazz! We can hardly wait until the new season begins next fall.