The Salt Lake County Library System has announced several new management appointments.

Brenda Hancock is the system's new personnel and organizational development manager. She has been working as manager of training and organizational development for Salt Lake County and previously was director of the Utah Governor's Commission on the Status of Women.Michael K. Stoker is the library system's new fiscal manager. He has been a senior auditor in the county auditor's office.

Olya Tymciurak is the new library manager at the Holladay Library. She had been an information services librarian at the Utah State Library Division.

Josephine J. Davies, the new Whitmore Library manager, had worked for the Salt Lake City Public Library, managing the volunteer information center, before coming to the county system.

Margery Jane Cooper, the new Riverton Library manager, had been serving as acting library manager for that branch and has also been an assistant regional librarian at Peterson Library.