A group of South Jordan homeowners told the City Council Tuesday that they are angry over an $8-per-month charge being assessed for secondary water service to their subdivision.

The group told the council that the surcharge is unfair and is doubly insulting because they can't get water out of the gravity-flow system.Last month, the council voted to begin assessing residents in five subdivisions the extra fee for access to secondary water systems that were required to be installed as part of the subdivision approval process.

The council has made inclusions of such systems mandatory in new subdivisions to alleviate demands on the city's culinary water system.

The residents of the Peach Blossom subdivision said they believe the secondary water fee is excessive at $96 per year, especially since they have no option to withdraw from the system. They also complained that the nature of the system and the fact that the city would own the delivery line was misrepresented to them when they bought property.

The council agreed to delay implementation of the fee on the subdivision until water is actually delivered to the property owners.

The council also told the group that it would consider an alternate proposal to have the system controlled by a homeowners association if a unified proposal could be developed that had the support of the entire subdivision.

The council insisted that the $8 monthly fee is reasonable and justified, even if the system is not pressurized and not available round-the-clock. They said the city's high culinary rates make it common for summer water bills to range as high as $150 monthly for large residential lots.