Mayor Everett Dahl is begging for public comment on the tentative 1989-90 budget. Really.

"It would be kind of nice" to have some public comment, Dahl told City Council members during a Tuesday night meeting. "I haven't heard a word from anybody in the years past about the budget."Dahl submitted the working draft budget during the council's first regular session in May, as required by state law. A public hearing is scheduled June 6 and the budget, with any changes made because of citizen comments, is set for adoption June 13.

The proposed $3.6 million budget for 1989-90 is up from the $3.59 million budget this year. But the increase in total expenditures is not fueled by an increase in taxes.

"Not only has there not been any increase in taxes, but the service level to city residents will be increased," said Dahl.

The Police Department's proposed 1989-90 budget will increase from $853,816 to just over $1 million. The increase in part comes from switching employees from dispatch since Midvale has joined the valleywide emergency communications center. The police communications budget will decrease nearly $22,000.

The highways and street department's proposed budget is $121,603 less in 1989-90 than this year in part due from good efforts by managers to realistically project costs and needs, Dahl said.

The Arts Council's tentative budget will increase about $30,000 to fund a historical presentation of Utah's second-oldest city, Dahl said.

General property taxes are expected to remain the same as in this year's budget, while sales, use and franchise tax revenue will increase slightly. Fines and forfeitures also are expected to increase in Midvale, the first Utah city to use the state's GOTCHA program to nab people with unpaid fines.

"Overall, you've got plenty of room to work in this budget, plenty of room for the public to get involved," Dahl said.

The council will discuss a different portion of the budget, such as salaries in departments and capital costs, each Tuesday night during May. Council members are urging residents to attend.