Declaring "the drug crisis a crisis of authority," federal anti-drug chief William Bennett said Wednesday illicit users and dealers of narcotics "must be confronted, and they must suffer consequences."

Bennett said more judges, prosecutors, federal agents and jails are needed, as well as possible new ways to impose punishment - such as revoking drivers' licenses, seizing cars or holding parents responsible for young offenders."We have to do more. We have to do better," Bennett said in remarks prepared for delivery at a "Just Say `Know' to Drugs" conference at the Washington Hebrew Congregation.

Bennett is to unveil a national anti-drug battle plan by Sept. 5. In his speech, he outlined "some of the major principles" that would govern his strategy, including the key of community involvement.

"Simply put, I believe the drug crisis is a crisis of authority," he said. "A crisis of legal and political authority . . . of social authority . . . of moral authority.

"Two words sum up my entire approach: consequences and confrontation. Those who use, sell and traffic in drugs must be confronted and they must suffer consequences."