Alta View Hospital

MACKAY, Scott and Cheri, Sandy, boy.MATSON, David and Juli, Murray, boy.

MESSINA, Michael and Deanna, Salt Lake City, girl.

QUINN, Kip and Joni, Salt Lake City, girl.

SCOTT, Dave and Ann, Sandy, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BADTEN, David and Rebecca, boy.

BEHL, Sudhir and Florence, girl.

EDDINGTON, John and Suzanne, girl.

FAUSTINO, A.L. and Jaqueline, boy.

HEINER, E. Todd and Janet, girl.

LAURITZEN, Kenneth and Carrie, girl.

McREYNOLDS, Wendell and Kim, girl.

MOYERS, Daniel and Paula, girl.

SMITH, Jerry and Julie, girl.

STEVENSON, Michael R., and Susan, boy.

WARTMAN, Paul and Hella, girl.

WILCOX, Scott and Melissa, girl.

WRIGHT, David R., and Terri, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

LUCIERA, Caras and Shiu, Salt Lake City, boy.

QUINN, Chris and Edie, West Valley City, boy.

WILCOCK, Joseph and Linda, Jordan, girl.