Election time is getting closer: Mail-in voter registration forms have been made available at a variety of public buildings.

Merrilea Jones, administrative director of the Salt Lake County clerk's election office, said her county distributes the forms in post offices; libraries; most government buildings, such as city halls; and many, but not all, banks.Residents who call the county clerk's elections office will be directed to the nearest locations where they can pick up the form. The office will also mail forms to the handicapped, Jones said.

Utah is one of the few states where residents can register easily by merely filling out such forms and mailing them.

Jones also said that her office will soon be sending cards to all voters verifying that they are registered. She said those who do not receive a card by the end of June are considered to be no longer registered because they have moved, changed their name or failed to vote in the past four years or for two major elections.