Guitarist/vocalist Ian McCulloch said his new band Electrafixion is not an Echo and the Bunnymen reunion, though the ex-Bunnymen reunited with bandmate guitarist Will Seargent.

"It's a new band that is definitely a long-term project," McCulloch said from his home in Liverpool, England. "I feel revitalized by the whole thing."The thing McCulloch referred to is Electrafixion's new album "Burned" and current world tour.

"It's fantastic being on the road again," said McCulloch. "The reactions of the audiences have been totally positive."

Electrafixion - featuring McCulloch, Seargent, drummer Tony McGuigan, guitarist Speloothe and bassist Julian "Jules Asinvena" Phillips - will bring the worldwide tour to DV8, 115 S. West Temple, Monday, Nov. 13. Doors open at 7 p.m. and Echobelly will begin the music around 8 p.m.

McCulloch and Seargent share the same musical past - they've known each other since they were 18. Back in the late 1970s, the two formed Echo and the Bunnymen and hit the punk-pop sound of the time.

After a nasty split, the two began to socialize and eventually decided to work again.

"Most of the songs on the album were written shortly after the split," McCulloch said. "When we started working together again, we decided we could make another album and did."

After going through a pile of songs, McCulloch and the band cut more than two-thirds of their repertoire before laying the songs on tracks.

"Actually, I'm very pleased at the way it turned out," he said. "Obviously there's always something we could have done to make it better, but this is the most complete and solid albums I've ever done in my career - including the stuff with Bunnymen."

Though the ties to Bunnymen run through the band, the audience won't hear a lot, if any, Bunnymen material.

"We're focusing on new listeners as well," said McCulloch, who played Salt Lake City while in the Bunnymen and on his own. "We've reached quite a bit of new people and a new audience. I've never felt more at home on the stage as I have the last few months. I can't wait to get to Salt Lake City. There's something there that's more exciting that most places. The audience is a little more wilder and frenzied and know how to have a good time."